Business drawing – Learning and development + Journey metaphore – 45 icons + 1 template


About this template

This PowerPoint slide shows a business drawing with a horizon and shining sun, a road leading towards the sun (the ‘dot at the horizon’ metaphorically speaking).

The drawing can be used to explain the development or learning plan you see ahad for you or your team.

The text and icons are included in the package, some have been placed in the PowerPoint so you only have to add your own text.

Additionally you can add an animation to the elements in de business drawing, which will allow the story to build up as you present.


  • Includes 45 icons (PNG, 300 dpi) and 1 visual template (JPEG, 55×31 cm (canvas size)/ 21,65 inch x 12,20 inch)
  • The icons and template are suitable for printing