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Upgrade your story telling skills

Personalise your message with hand drawn icons

First, let me explain what you can do with the agile icons and templates


How can I use icons and templates best?

Steps to take:

  1. Determine who your audiance is
  2. How interactive should your story be?
  3. Based on step 1 and 2: what story do you want to tell?
  4. Does a metaphore help you to tell your story? If so, which metaphore?
  5. Determine the key elements of your story
  6. Choose icons and a template from the shop that fit the metaphore and key elements
Using PowerPoint?
  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Insert the template (it fits perfect in a slide)
  3. Add the icons
  4. Add an animation to the images
Using an online tool like Mural, Miro, Lucid Spark?
  1. Add the PNG image (icon) or JPEG (template) to the online canvas
  2. Resize as desired (max width and height is 4200 px by 4400 px)
Using Word?
  1. Insert the PNG (icon)
  2. With a right mouse click you select as image setting ‘Before text’
  3. You can now place the icon anywhere you want on the page

Pro tip #1

Think accordingly to the ‘inverted pyramid‘: the most important information comes first. This means you will begin by visualising the essence of your story.

Pro tip #2

When you want to use many icons in your business drawing, choose a template with small lines.

When using many icons, you will have to resize the icons, which decreases the line size (and changes the ratio of lines)

Create an animated story in PowerPoint

Are you using PowerPoint to tell your story? Follow the next steps and you have created your first business drawing:

  1. Choose the digital template from the shop that matches the flow of your story.
  2. Also choose the digital icons from the shop that match the aspects you want to highlight in your story
  3. Download the template and icons and save them on your computer.
  4. Open a blanc PowerPoint and Insert the template and the icons from your file library
  5. Resize the icons and place them in the order in which you will tell your story
  6. Check: are the icons the right size and well positioned in the template?
  7. Add text where you think relevant
  8. Add an animation in PowerPoint to each icon (and text). This way the business drawing comes to life when you tell your story
  9. Do a test run and check if the animation flow is attractive and correct
  10. You are now ready to rock and roll
Improve your communication

With digital icons and templates you solve a communication problem


Your audiance will listen to YOU

By using a business drawing your audiance will listen to your story. They will not be distracted by long lists of bullit points or text

Create a unique visual language

By using these icons in your (learning/agile/lean) program, your team and organization will build their own visual language.

If you don't know how to draw digital

Maybe you can draw on (flip-over) paper very well, but have never used a digital device. The style of the icons is an artisanal style, which means it looks like you might have drawn the icons yourself ... 🙂

Digital icons in 1 style

All icons are drawn by hand and in one drawing style. Therefore, all icons use the same visual elements.

All essential agile and Scrum icons in 1 place

If you are looking for icons that represent the content of the Scrum Guide or agile way of working; look no further.

Not looking for agile icons? Other icons can be found too

Since agile, lean and kanban are often used at the same time, you will also find icons for that purpose.