How visual thinking empowers the agile way of working 

Let’s take a look at the Agile manifesto to explain why.

Do you:

  1. Feel like you can’t really grasp the ideas the business has?
  2. Want to go beyond agile facilitation techniques?
  3. Struggle to make emotions and interactions visible during a Retrospective?

That makes sence: you are missing a language to unlock what’s inside peoples brains.

Do you want to:

  1. Bring innovative ideas together
  2. Connect to hidden information and feedback within the conversation
  3. Make big impact on the business and your stakeholders

Then visual thinking and doing is a must have for you as agile professional.

Visual language helps everyone involved to speak an inclusive language.

Facts, concepts and emotions are all combined in one.

Are you ready put this language into practice?

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Small steps, easy to learn

What we do, you can do too!

After the online training programma Visual Storytelling for Agile you know:

Why visual thinking helps agile professionals and organizations
How to draw basic shapes and agile icons
How to draw live in front of people and make a big impact
Visual facilitation techniques
Tips for creating your own agile visual language

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What our customers say about our training courses

I now know how to tell a visual story. Because I tell a visual story the quality of our Review sessions have improved a lot. The feedback I get from the business is that they feel we share the same vision and that their feedback is captured in an interactive way.

Niels de GreefProduct Owner CRM implementation

An image says more than a thousand words, and I now understand why. It is a very effective way to include thoughts, emotions and interactions in 1 view. It helps me to coach my agile teams and connect to the deeper layers of the conversation.

Evelien DouwesProgram manager Digital

This is what you get

Visual Storytelling for Agile online training

Bring innovative ideas together and connect to hidden information and feedback within the conversation. And make a big impact on the business and your stakeholders.

The online training program gives you acces to:

  1. Videos that show you how to draw
  2. Videos that explain how you create visual stories
  3. Practical tips to get you started right away
  4. Community feedback from visual artists
  5. Bonus material, including a set of digital agile icons

Special price on 22 and 23 September: € 33,- excl VAT

Are you ready to learn how to create agile visual stories?

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We are in the middle of recording the training video’s but we want to make sure that all your needs are answered. Soon you will receive the first video’s. If you have any specific questions or issues you run into, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get in touch with you!