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From PowerPoint queen to visual artist.

My name is Josje van Beek. Since 2017 I am a visual facilitator and use this skill in my work as Scrum Master and agile coach.

Before I started drawing my friends used to call me the PowerPoint queen, since I was able to create animations and very basic ‘business drawings’ with Power Point only.

Since I started drawing I am so much better at story telling. No more boring PowerPoint slides with bullit points and lots of text. My audiance started to listen better when I used visuals.

This is very important in my work as agile coach and Scrum Master: visual language provides structure and helps teams to communicate better. is created for that reason:  to help agile professionals create their own business drawing and communicate better. And maybe even inspire them to start drawing (digital) themselves.

By drawing digital icons I solved the issue I had myself.

Before I knew how to draw digital I must have spent hours and hours on searching the internet for the right icons. I could buy a pack of agile icons, but they were never all the icons of the Scrum Guide or agile manifesto.

Now I do have those icons, all in one drawing style. An artisanal style that stands out in simplicity.

The icons also help me to improve the kanban board, by printing the impediment icon on a magnet for example. Also a Sprint Review meeting will always include the Increment icon. The stakeholders of my teams now start to recognise the icons. But it doesn’t end there; the icons can be used in Miro, Mural or printed on team T-shirts and gadgets.

By drawing digital I have enriched my story telling language

Improve your communication

With digital icons and templates you solve a communication problem


Your audiance will listen to YOU

By using a business drawing your audiance will listen to your story. They will not be distracted by long lists of bullit points or text

Create a unique visual language

By using these icons in your (learning/agile/lean) program, your team and organization will build their own visual language.

If you don't know how to draw digital

Maybe you can draw on (flip-over) paper very well, but have never used a digital device. The style of the icons is an artisanal style, which means it looks like you might have drawn the icons yourself ... 🙂

Digital icons in 1 style

All icons are drawn by hand and created in one drawing style. Therefore, all icons use the same visual elements.

All essential agile and Scrum icons in 1 place

If you are looking for icons that represent the content of the Scrum Guide or agile way of working; look no further.

Not looking for agile icons? Other icons can be found too

Since agile, lean and kanban are often used at the same time, you will also find icons for that purpose.