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From simple process flow to business drawing


Create visual stories for your agile journey


You don’t have to be an artist to create your own visuals.

Now you can create your own business drawings

1. Cost saving

By using you no longer need a business drawing agency. You create your business drawing yourself. Plus: you can use the icons for digital and print use (300 dpi, 40×40 cm/15.75 inch)

2. Your own visual language

With the icons and templates on you can create a unique visual language for your transformation program, learning program or (Scrum)team communication.

3. Help your audiances brain

Because of the simplicity of the icons you make ‘reading’ easy for the retina and the brain of your audiance. This way your audiance can follow your story better.

Icon categories

All icons & templates

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Scrum meetings

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Templates & business drawings

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Icon packs

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Banners & frames

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Emotions and expressions

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Scrum Artifacts

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Scrum roles

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Multi purpose

The icons come in a pack of PNG and PDF, which allows you to use the icon or template for digital use (PowerPoint, Google Work Space, Miro) and print use.

High quality dpi

The icons and templates are created at 300 dpi and at a canvas size of 40 by 40 cm (15.75 inch). This way your visual is always crisp and clear.

Easy to use

The templates are made for PowerPoint; they fit exactly into a PowerPoint slide. The icons can be easily scaled to the right size.

Look Inside

Why these icons & templates are awesome

If you want to make a lasting impact,

visualise your idea and outcome of a meeting.